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"Like two falling stars crossing ways and gravitation set them on a common trajectory, Kati Salo and Asko Keränen share a dream and have started this quiet adventure. The musical result is a delicate, sparse electro-acoustic duet, combining indie pop with folk to interstellar clouds of intimate beauty."

- Quintus K

Kati Salo & Asko Keränen

This duo was formed in summer 2014.
Kati and Asko realized that they had a common dream to form a duo where they could play their version of folk and pop music
sing duets and learn fresh ways to play with two guitars. 


They play their own songs
that they have composed either by themselves or together.
Sometimes the concerts are completely acoustic with two guitars. Sometimes with electric guitars. If there is a piano around, Kati can perform some of her songs composed with piano. And if in the mood, they might also play some 22-pistepirkko songs, since Asko is a member of that 35-year-old Finnish alternative rock-band. Kati Salo has her own band and they have made one album so far. 

So far Kati & Asko have played in Finland, Denmark and in Germany, at cafes, clubs, festival, art-galleries, music shops etc.


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